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I really like to make your smile😊

If it′ not fun, it′ not learning!

Hi! I′m Meg. I′m an Online Japanese language teacher.
I really like to make my student′ smile.
Let′ study Japanese and laugh a lot together!


Enjoy Japanese

If it′s not fun, it′s not learning!
I give you the opportunity to enjoy learning Japanese.
Let′s learn Japanese and laugh a lot together!


Easy to understand

I have taught more than a thousand students for 7 years.
I gained experience of teaching Japanese at the school which is famous and has a good reputation.
I can help when Japanese language learners make mistakes.


Your Personalized Curriculum

When we study foreign languages, the most important thing is to have a goal.
You can tell me your goals for Japanese and I′ll tell you what we need to do to achieve your goals.

Why don′t you start learning now?

Open the door to the Japanese language.
Let′s study Japanese with a professional native Japanese teacher.

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