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I really like to make your smile😊

If it′ not fun, it′ not learning!

Hi! I′m Meg. I′m an Online Japanese language teacher.
I really like to make my student′ smile.
Let′ study Japanese and laugh a lot together!


Enjoy Japanese

If it′s not fun, it′s not learning!
I give you the opportunity to enjoy learning Japanese.
Let′s learn Japanese and laugh a lot together!


Easy to understand

I have taught more than a thousand students for 7 years.
I gained experience of teaching Japanese at the school which is famous and has a good reputation.
I can help when Japanese language learners make mistakes.


Your Personalized Curriculum

When we study foreign languages, the most important thing is to have a goal.
You can tell me your goals for Japanese and I′ll tell you what we need to do to achieve your goals.

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Why don′t you start learning now?

Open the door to the Japanese language.
Let′s study Japanese with a professional native Japanese teacher.

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