About me

Hi! I’m Meg. I recommend my lessons to those who want to…
✔Enjoy learning.
✔Learn Japanese naturally!
✔Make learning Japanese a habit!

①You can learn Japanese by TPRS【Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling】.
②Japanese teacher for 7 years + italki teacher for 2 years!
③I like Shōwa-era pop and to read books.


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◇My goals in 2024
☑ Creating a lot of YouTube videos for Japanese learners.
☑ Establishing an administrative scrivener office specializing in residence status renewals and naturalization applications.
☑To be healthy and smile every day. I really like to make my students smile.
Let’s learn Japanese and laugh a lot together! たくさん Smile しましょう!

Me as a Teacher

I’m not your teacher, but your supporter.
You will surely improve your Japanese by extensive listening and reading more Japanese in addition to my Lessons!

◇Experience as a teacher
I taught Japanese to more than 1000 international students at a Japanese language school for 7 years.

◇Past accomplishments:
One complete beginner student took 60-min Reading Lessons twice a week for 5 months and is now trying to read N4 level reading.

◇I can teach
・Reading / Storytelling ・Grammar / Conversation ・JLPT(N5 to N2) ・About the culture and history of Japan
If you have any other request, I’ll make your requested lesson. Please send a message.

My lessons & teaching style

・Easy to understand! ・Enjoyable! ・Relaxing!

◇Advice for you
✔Enjoy my lesson!
My lesson is fun…But that’s not all.
+ Easy to understand😊
+ Useful😊
+ Learn about Japanese history, culture and lifestyle😊

✔Make it a habit
Never give up. You always brush your teeth every day, without needing to try hard.
In the same way, if you can make learning Japanese a habit, you will surely improve your Japanese.
I’m here to help you!

✔Don’t be afraid to make mistakes
Are you afraid of making mistakes? Don’t worry! Please relax and enjoy our lessons! いっしょに がんばりましょう!

◇My lesson
TPRS / Comprehensible Input / Storytelling / Extensive Reading / Conversation / Direct Method / GENKI / Minna no Nihongo / smile


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